Healthcare Security

Right now, you are starting out and learning about HIM. With luck and perseverance, one day you will be running the show. Put yourself in a leadership HIM position for this assignment.

Review and read this article: Healthcare Security – What Your Practice Needs to Know

Focus on section 3:

Establish security rules. Humans are the weakest link in the security chain. A single user can compromise an entire organization by simply opening a spam email.

·  Inform your staff about ransomware attack possibilities and the importance of healthcare security.

·  Create rules to remind employees that they should never open attachments they are not expecting

·  Implore them to double-check email addresses before opening.

·  Discourage users from downloading software from unknown sites

·  Educate them about ransomware scare tactics, such as fake pages that claim the FBI has locked a device due to suspicion of downloading illicit files.

Customize staff reminders on EHR security best practices.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

Ø  Compose a 3-5-minute speech in which you cover the 5 points above

Ø  Your speech should include the consequences to the organization of not following these practices

Ø  Your speech should include the consequences to the employee of not following these practices

Ø  Tape your speech to send to all staff using Vocaroo (or another audio file tool)

Ø  Submit the link to your speech to the drop box

Ø  Cite any references used. As always, proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling is required

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