Home Made Musical Instrument for Children

1- Flutes
As shown in the attached video, I hope you write the plan in an easy and simple way, following the six steps below

Purpose of Assignment: To create a prop that can be used to extend , focus, or enhance a music and /or movement experience for young children.

Evaluation: A permanent material must be very durable (strong), sturdy (solidly build), attractive, and of quality materials. Materials designed for use by the children must be very safe, inexpensive, attractive, and easily replicated. NO BELLS, MARBLES, BALLOONS ETC.

(do not use food, balloons, marbles, or small item that could be a choking hazard)

Write Up:
1- Two names should be used for each instrument, the first is the original name and the second should be an interesting name for children(Fun name)
Name (s) of substance / motion tool: (interesting and descriptive thing)

2. Specific materials and directions for making this prop:(list the materials and describe how you made it) (include a diagram/ illustration if needed for clear understanding)

3. Lesson plan and/or 2 objectives for use: (what song/ movement/ activity will be accompanied by your prop?)
(how will you use your materials with children?)
(what is the expected behavior, learnings, or outcome for the children?)

4. Suggestions for use with children with special needs. You must state the
specific need and how you will include the child.

5. Extra Activity: (An additional curriculum idea may expand the learning objective.
Meaning, what can a child learn from this instrument other than musical learning?
For example, Mathematics, Science, Art, etc.

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