How to Invest in the Metaverse: Land, Stocks and Crypto

That said, there isn’t a clear direction on how the Metaverse would eventually turn out at the time of this writing. For all we know, the eventual metaverse could be a novel environment that’s beyond our current imagination. It’s important to note, however, that the metaverse is still in its infancy and its value proposition has yet to be proven. Any investment in the metaverse should be considered speculative and highly risky. Let’s look at some of the primary supporting sectors for the future development of metaverse.

It might be metaverse that will bring physical and health risk to you. But for high return there will obviously be a high risk involved. For everyone to be convinced that there is a future in the metaverse, it is difficult as of now.

how to invest in Metaverse

As the demand for NFT rises, so will the economic tendency of the Metaverse world. It’s important to understand the basics of investing in the stock market before buying shares of these companies. It also underscores the importance of diversifying your portfolio in non-metaverse stocks as well.

What Is the Best Time to Buy Cryptocurrencies? Here’s When to Do

On the other hand, Metaverse games like Axie Infinity allow users to buy characters to battle and earn tokens, which can be converted to real cash. While experts predict Metaverse to be the future of technology, it already came into the limelight with Facebook rebranding its platforms to Meta. Not only this, IT companies like Microsoft, Google, NVidia, Shopify etc., have already invested millions of dollars in the Metaverse. Meta has tantalized shareholders this year with profits that could be — if not for CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s insistence on investing in the metaverse.

Illuvium will launch towards the end of 2022, and many investors are already attracted to the project. The game involves Illuvials, which are powerful creatures used by players in fights. With each fight they win, the Illuvials become stronger and can be bought, sold, or traded as NFTs. The Souls of Nature metaverse game is set to launch in the last quarter of 2022, while Nature Soul NFTs will go live in the third quarter of 2022.

  • The NFT will be stored on the blockchain and will therefore be tradable on a wallet-to-wallet basis.
  • Metaverse land and crypto are just some of the ways future tech enthusiasts can invest in the next digital frontier.
  • Before risking any capital, be sure to read through the following section – which discusses some of the key reasons why the metaverse could play a major role in the future of web 3.0.
  • It’s important to understand the basics of investing in the stock market before buying shares of these companies.

Another article from Bussiness2Community says the niche may climb up to $5 trillion by 2030. The first thing you need is a blockchain wallet if you’re going to play a metaverse game that involves cryptocurrencies. Besides, you need a stable internet connection, a PC or mobile device, and a VR headset. The company continues to offer end-to-end solutions for developers and non-creatives to develop, distribute, and operate games and other digital content.

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However, 2D calls have limitations, excluding aspects like seeing each others’ body language. In a business or social use case, we could socialize face-to-face or avatar-to-avatar in 3D rather than over a screen in 2D like Zoom call, where we can’t pick up on the body language. It enables people to connect in a more personal way while being in separate places.

It’s a key reason why companies are increasingly turning to Nvidia’s metaverse solution called Omniverse. Tony Philip is known for crafting long-form B2C content in various finance-related niches, including technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. With more than a decade of experience in online writing, he has published hundreds of articles that have appeared in mainstream online publications. To give users more perspective, features NFT art galleries, which emerging and existing artists can use to publish their work. Since running a virtual gallery is less costly than that in the physical world, the project will bring more artists on board.


Opening an account at the Broker will be done online, and you only need to upload your ID or passport and proof of address through the App. Sign up with an Application that allows you to exchange the Metaverse Asset. These applications are called Brokers, which are neither more nor less than intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Many publicly listed companies like Meta, Microsoft, Disney, Apple, and more are also dipping into the world of Metaverse.

Cryptocurrency is beginning to play a key role in certain precincts of this brave new world. However, its role in shaping the metaverse has been complicated by the big declines of the crypto winter throughout 2022. But, if the metaverse becomes a super hit, it will be the best investment you made in your lifetime.

Raising its entire hard cap target of $5 million in just 24 days, Battle Infinity recently listed its IBAT token on PancakeSwap. We discuss additional companies investing in metaverse technologies in the following section of this guide. In addition to its metaverse and NFT ecosystem, Tamadoge will also target other emerging technologies – such as augmented reality. how to invest in Metaverse Render Token is the token for the Render Network, a decentralised GPU based rendering solution that aims to create an efficient and scalable rendering network. As the metaverse is being developed, the demand for rendering power could increase. Now, you might be wondering how you can gain exposure to the metaverse if it were to rely more on blockchain technology.

how to invest in Metaverse

The price of the SAND token has unsurprisingly struggled thus far this year, as both these variables and the wider market have moved against it. While it’s still one of the larger cryptos around, enthusiasm has waned. Backed by big names like venture capitalist Andreesen Horowitz, its performance has been brief but turbulent.

Therefore, one of the best ways to invest in metaverse crypto projects is to build an allocation of ETH tokens. Crucially, Ethereum recently completed its much anticipated ‘Merge’ to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It hasn’t, however, been the best of starts to life on NYSE, as Roblox stock is down nearly 50% from its IPO launch.

Buying and Selling In-game Assets

The company also offers Roblox Studio, a free tool set that enables developers to build, publish and operate 3D worlds. We are “testing the waters” under Regulation A under the Securities Act of 1933. The information contained on the website has been prepared by Masterworks without reference to any particular user’s investment requirements or financial situation. Potential investors are encouraged to consult with professional tax, legal, and financial advisors before making any investment into a Masterworks offering. All investments involve risk, including the risk of the loss of all of your invested capital. Please consider carefully the investment objectives, risks, transaction costs, and other expenses related to an investment prior to deciding to invest.

how to invest in Metaverse

For example, players in World of Warcraft buy in-game items such as pets and mounts with real money. Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion bid to acquire Activision Blizzard is pending regulatory approval. Virtual reality provides an artificial reality typically via a VR headset. It takes over a user’s field of vision to provide an immersive experience. Immersive experiences include audio and positional tracking of the body to enable movement of body parts, such as the hands, to interact with the virtual environment.

How to Invest in the Metaverse

This makes it a potential investment platform to consider in 2022. As a metaverse player, you can buy, sell, or trade NFTs on different gaming marketplaces and other platforms, such as Binance NFT Marketplace. In-game NFTs include collectibles like cosmetic items, power-up potions, and crafted weapons, among others.

Metaverse Real Estate

Shopping in the metaverse offers countless possibilities, which is why several retail brands from Nike to Gucci are getting on board. Shops can provide immersive experiences straight from the customers’ homes through real-time 3D shopping. People can shop in a virtual store in the metaverse, and get physical items delivered. The metaverse could reduce businesses’ operational costs as it minimizes the need to travel or use physical spaces.

Because there’s also low liquidity every time large investors or institutions enter or exit positions it creates massive price shifts. Finally, the hype and high levels of speculation sometimes leads people to buying cryptocurrencies at inflated prices before selling them off either for profit or due to buyers’ remorse. When an individual purchases a piece of metaverse land, the blockchain network powering the metaverse platform verifies the sale and transfer of ownership. It started off as a regular video game and has created a unique virtual environment, much like the metaverse. With an active user base of 47 million, Roblox shares are promising enough for investments in metaverse. On the other hand, you can look for investments in stocks of metaverse 3D technologies companies such as NVIDIA.

Either way, this offers the opportunity to build a collection of metaverse crypto coins without needing to actually invest any money. On the contrary, this can be achieved simply by committing time to the respective game. Interestingly, each of the aforementioned metaverse crypto projects operates on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, another option is to invest in ETH tokens, as the respective blockchain is the go-to network for metaverse projects. In fact, some would argue that games are already a form of the metaverse.

Of course, how you take the practical steps to investing in the metaverse depends on what you’re investing in. Nvidia is another potential metaverse architect that can’t be overlooked. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to metaverse companies to help build digital twins for their factories that allow them to troubleshoot problems on the floor and optimize processes. Good artificial intelligence software helps speed up simulations, and Nvidia excels in AI.

The first metric to note about the metaverse is that this concept has already been validated by a number of established companies. Microsoft’s vision of the metaverse will also incorporate artificial intelligence. At this stage, it remains to be seen what the Microsoft metaverse will eventually look like. But, considering its highly robust balance sheet and keen eye for innovation, this could be a top metaverse stock to watch. Microsoft is another large-cap company with vast resources on its balance sheet that aims to enter the metaverse race.

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