Human Resources Business

Dimensions Of Diversity Training Plan


As an applicant for a Human Resources Business Partner role, you have been asked to prepare a dimensions of diversity training plan for one of the leaders listed below:

  • Choice one: VP of Marketing
  • Choice two: VP of Operations
  • Choice three: VP of IT

The topic of the training is the dimensions of diversity and why they matter, and the intended audience is the department VPs listed in the section above.


Your document should include the following items:

  • An introduction to the diversity wheel and the dimensions of diversity
  • Define the wheel
  • Describe it in terms of primary and secondary dimensions
  • A focus on two areas of diversity that should be addressed to benefit employees, applicants, and the organization
  • Choose two areas
  • Explain them clearly noting whether they are included in the primary or secondary dimension of diversity
  • Connect them to the identities or lived experiences and/or historic marginalization of applicants and employees.
  • An action that must be taken to achieve inclusion and belonging related to the two areas of diversity chosen. This could include the following:
  • Implementing inclusive hiring practices
  • Adding inclusive onboarding practices
  • Creating Employee Resource Groups (ERG)
  • Implementing fair and equitable performance review practices


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