Illegal Alien In USA

An illegal alien is an alien who has entered the U.S. or some other country in violation of the law. An alien is any person, who is not a citizen, but is not necessarily a person who is entering the U.S. or some other country illegally. Different countries have different opportunities for persons with or without skills to earn higher wages than they would receive for the same work in their own countries. If illegal aliens can double their pay, they have a strong incentive to remain in the country, even though they have an illegal status.

Discuss the following questions on the basis of your understanding of immigration:

In your opinion, who can be categorized as an alien, illegal immigrant, a legal alien, and a citizen? Why would you categorize them like this?

When you travel to a foreign country, would you be considered an alien or an illegal alien? Why?

If an American woman was traveling to a foreign country and she gave birth, would the child be a citizen of the U.S. or would the child be a citizen of the country where it was born? Justify your answer.

Explain the factors that induce people to enter a country illegally, or, if visiting, to stay beyond their authorized time. Would you hire an illegal alien to increase your profit line? Why? If you were to hire such a person, how would you justify doing so?

Explain how illegal immigration affects your employment? Provide examples to support your answer.

Analyze whether illegal immigrants have any impact on the labor market and your standard of living? Why?

Discuss to what extent do you think illegal immigration is a growing problem? Why do you think so?

Support your answers with appropriate research and reasoning

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