I want you all to think about the our lecture last week, and I want you to go through that process. However, I want you to share your leadership story, which means you need to use the same format, except you’re the guide instead of the main character. So share a story where you helped someone along the path using the same questions below to guide you.

  • Who was with the main character (the person you were guiding) and what did the main character want?
  • What was the problem they encountered and how did it make them feel?
  • How did they meet you/how did you become their guide?
  • What plan did you all come up with after meeting?
  • What did it feel like for them to take action on that plan?
  • What could have been lost if they had failed?
  • What was the happy or tragic ending they experienced?


Make up a scenario related to a football game 270 words


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