learning disabilities

learning disabilities

Make sure it is detailed and all basis of the question is answered will need two responses from peers later this week

  1. Consider the seven “learning disabilities” Senge discusses in chapter 2.  What two or three “learning disabilities” did BP and Transocean display?  Similarly, what two or three “laws of the fifth discipline” (chapter 4) apply to BP and Transocean?
  2. Holmes suggests that Ducati’s GP4 racing motorcycle failed because Ducati focused on winning rather than learning.  And Gary Pisano observed, “folks let their guards down when they succeed.  They drop out of learning mode” (p173-174).  How does this relate to James Meigs’s conclusion that “both BP and Transocean had grown dangerously overconfident and were pushing too close to the edge?”


250 Words Plus Two Responses



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