Life Expectancy Other than Birth

Life Expectancy Other than Birth

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in the picture that I send a table labeled “Life Expectancy Other than Birth” shows life expectancy at various ages. Explain what this chart implies, especially in terms of future gains in life expectancy? What changes to health might most impact life expectancy in the future?

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Life Expectancy.

Life expectancy can be elaborated as a statistical degree of the average time a creature is anticipated to live, grounded on the year of its birth, its present age, and other demographic elements such as gender (Aburto et al., 2020). The average life expectancy of individuals who are twenty years old and below has been increasing over the years from the chart. While at the same time, that of older adults has been progressively declining. This implies that individuals who are currently eighty years and above can only look forward to living two years longer than those who were eighty years in 1900.

The increase in life expectancy of younger individuals could be attributed to a sharp decline in child mortality and enhancements in longevity (Boudoulas et al., 2017). When children below five years survive to twenty years, the increase in life expectancy is bound to be witnessed. On the other hand, the life expectancy of older individuals has been decreasing with time. This implies that most older people are prone to chronic diseases that have increased their mortality rates, unlike in the previous years (Ju et al., 2017). Based on the data provided the life expectancy of older individual of eighty years old and above is expected to decline while that of the young individual will continue increasing.

The general increase in life expectancy implies that there is a substantial progression in health and welfare. When young individuals have an increased life expectancy, they will have an increased peril of disease and dementia as they age, leading to their declining life expectancy. Given that most older individuals succumb due to health conditions introducing healthy lifestyles to the twenty-year-olds could probably increase their life expectancy such that when they are older, they are unlikely to suffer from chronic conditions. Therefore, educating the public on the importance of exercising, undertaking regular checkups, and taking healthy diets is likely to increase future life expectancy (Santos et al., 2017).

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