lifespan development

Discussion Question 1 – How do we view lifespan development?

 Available until Tuesday, September 7, 2021 11:59 PM CDT

For this discussion, I want you to think about how the “lifespan” is portrayed in contemporary society.  I am asking you to first listen to a song (with video) OR view a clip from the Disney movie UP (with a song) that are related to lifespan development.

As you watch/listen to one or the other, think about what they indicate about how our society views development and aging.

Then, for the discussion, note your general reactions to the clip and what you think it says about how we view development and aging in our society.

Then, define ageism (see CH. 1 PPs for a definition of ageism), and discuss whether you have ever experienced or witnessed ageism, and if so, in what way.

After you have posted your answers, go back and respond to the answer of at least one other student.

Needed Links: (sorry- they may make you watch/read a brief ad first!!)

Listen to the song 100 Years to Live by Five for Fighting (and view the lyrics) at:

(about 4 minutes)


Watch the video clip with a song from the Disney movie UP (a couple meets when they are children, get married as adults etc.):   (sorry- a brief note comes up on the screen first- but it does not last long!)

(about 4 minutes long)

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