long tail change

long tail change retail economics

  1. Based on Chapter 7 in your textbook, create a Paper that thoroughly answers in written paper / paragraph format one of the following questions:
    1. What is the long tail? How does the long tail change retail economics? How does it influence shoppers’ choice of where to look for products? What firms, other than Amazon, are taking advantage of the long tail in their industries? OR
    2. How successful have Kindle e-book readers been? How about Fire tablet, Fire TV, and Echo? What barriers does the firm face in competing? What advantages does Amazon have?


The official form and style format for the College of Business is APA. You must use appropriate APA format for citations and references. Using your text book and Library Resources include 2 or 3 resources to support your answers / point of view. Review information to Automatically Format Bibliography in Word (Links to an external site.).

The instructor will be grading the 750+ Microsoft Word paper using the Case Study rubric.


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