Media fragmentation

Media fragmentation

Support your responses with research from the Learning Resources. Use APA in-text citations  and cite any outside sources. Create an APA reference list at the end of the document.

Your readings in Week 1, in part, describe a common theme of “media fragmentation.”  Media fragmentation describes a trend of increasing choice and consumption of a range of media for consumers. These choices include more TV channels, radio stations, magazines, more websites. Media fragmentation implies increased difficulty in reaching target audiences.  Answer the following questions regarding media fragmentation.

Thinking within the context of a fragmented media, answer the following questions:

  1. A) Does your list of “must have media” reflect your personal values? How?
  2. B) Do you feel that media’s targeting of specific groups for specific content has had adverse effects or our society? Positive effects? Explain and cite examples.
  3. C) Considering the concept of the digital divideas you read in this week’s readings, is it problematic that the internet is becoming driven by economic objectives? Explain your answer.
  4. D) After reading21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook,Chapter 62: Media Literacy, you read that “media education is a lifelong process.”


Give examples of times that you have become enlightened about media, resulting in increased media literacy. Or, if you have no personal examples discuss what situations might force media literacy.


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