Medical Robotics and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Medical Robotics and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

For this Assignment, students are required to find an article related to any healthcare product, service, or organization published in a current or recent issue (not older than January 2019) of a recognized and reputable journal/ magazine. Each student should prepare a 2-part report in no more than 2-pages (double-spaced) (Plus the title/cover page – see typing guidelines for contents of title page) of his/her article.

– In the first part of the report, students should provide a summary of the article.

– In the second part, they should provide their personal analysis and predictions based on the information from the report.

– The above listed two parts MUST BE clearly labeled in the report.

Maximum length of the report: 3 pages (including cover page) (content over 3 pages will not be graded

Please make sure to have the following information on the cover page:

– Name – Assignment number – The date of submission – Reference information for the article you are reviewing


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