Medical Sharing Saving Program Compared to Traditional Health Insurance


The benefits and limitations of using medical sharing saving program compare to traditional health insurance

It must be written in proper APA format. Minimum 6 pages without the references. No abstract is needed. The essay must include all of the following five components of the quality initiatives.

  • Define and explain the intent of the initiative (milestone submission)
  • Key elements of the initiative (requirements to participate and reporting requirements)
  • Patient population affected and healthcare setting your initiative is most likely to
  • Expected outcomes milestone such as reporting measures
  • Entity responsible to produce outcomes and how they will be affected

be used (nursing homes, large health system, ambulatory clinics, private practice, FQHC etc.)

Milestone 1 “Intent of the Initiative

1. Inclusion criteria for your initiative

2. Potential Outcomes

3. Measurement categories (if applicable) or how will successful improvements be measured

4. Impact on healthcare delivery

Expectations from CMS and Patients

What type of health organization would typically be included in your initiative?

What are the typical patient populations affected?

What are the expected outcomes from both CMS and Patients?

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