Menthal Health In College Students Bibliography

I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.


Here are the specific details and instructions for this assignment: Annotated Bibliography with Reflection_V3.1.pdf


Pick two articles from below for your Annotated Bibliography from for this assignment:

  1. Happiness and Physical Activity (1)-1.pdf
  2. Sandmire_The Influence of Art Making on Anxiety A Pilot Study.pdf
  3. Deatherage_2013_Stress Coping and Internet Use of College Students.pdf
  4. Low Carb vs Low Fat Diets.pdf
  5. Mochrie_2020_ADHD depression and substance abuse risk among beginning college students.pdf
  6. Kurdi_2017_Music_health.pdf
  7. Wingert_Mindfulness based strengths practice improves well being and retention in undergraduates a preliminary randomized controlled trial.pdf
  8. Sleep Deprivation in College Students.pdf
  9. Thornquist_ Reduction in fashion_consumption_.pdf

Please review all the materials prior to starting the assignment and please reach out to our learning team for help if needed prior to the deadline.

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