Merit Based Incentive Payment System

This journal covers quality, each entry at least 500 words– discussing each topic- please do not limit your entry to the questions let them spur you to a complete discussion of the topic.

Week 2

Health Plan Report Card– NCQA website

This week navigate to the Health Plan report cards– find health plans that are associated with you home state/town. Compare the scores for several of the plans that serve your selected town/region.  This week your entry should discuss the star rating process- defining the categories , discussing the use of this information by consumers and employers

Week 3

Source: — this week look at the payment models for physicians, What is “MACRA” and how does it improve guality?   What quality metrics are measured in MIPS- merit based incentive program?

Week 4

Summarize your finding regarding quality— include the quality requirements of the providers (be it physicians or hospitals) and the quality requirements for Health Plans.  How do these play together in the same environment protecting the patient and ensuring the patient gets the right care, right provider at the right time.?

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