Leadership in Historical Context

Students will submit a 500 word (body of the paper) topic proposal for their final research paper. Students will be given freedom regarding the topic so long as it: 1) includes a leader of historical significance; and 2) pays special attention to the factors contributing to the subject’s leadership success.

Please use the following outline to shape your research proposal. This proposal is limited to 500 words. The purpose of this document is to allow the reviewer to see how your topic fits into a broader context. In short, tell the reviewer what you plan to do! Use the format below as a guide.

Proposed title of the paper

Your name



I.  General introduction and overview of the topic

Place the project within a broader context and provide the reader with some idea of why it is important.  The introduction moves the idea from “this is an interesting topic” to “this is worthy of investigation.”  There should be citations within your introduction to support the discussion.

II.  Procedures and Methodology

Research methodology defines the logical steps – What to do and how to solve the problem and achieve proposed objectives?

  • Introduction  
  • Literature Review
  • Analysis
  • Summary

III.  Reference list:  APA Formatting


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