Motivated by Confidence Competence Motivation Theory

1. Read chapter 5 on motivation

2. Select one of the motivational theories and choose one of the references for supporting information to investigate (for example: Motivated by Needs: Self-Determination Theory The desire to accomplish challenging tasks, along with a belief in their own competence, encouragement from the teacher, and a desire to choose and control their own situation, motivates them to participate. Allowing students to select options during a lesson increases their engagement and learning (Christensen, Reschly, and Wylie 2012).

Select one article/book to investigate by finding this information in the textbook’s reference section (see screenshot below)


If you have difficulty locating the source don’t hesitate to use the library staff to assist you.

3. Make sure to post the following: A) the full citation B) the motivational theory C) a summary of the findings/research or main topic D) How you see yourself applying the information you have learned to your teaching as a PE teacher E) Pose a question back to your peers

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