Narrated PowerPoint Presentation on Cognitive Psychology

Part 2: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation on Cognitive Psychology

Task summary:

Cognitive psychology has made significant contributions to our scientific understanding of

learning, memory, attention and perception. Your task is to present a narrated PowerPoint

presentation about four specific significant contributions, which are listed below.

In your presentation, you should describe each significant contribution and briefly discuss

how it has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the topic area. You should

support your arguments by making reference to scientific papers throughout your


Significant contributions:

Learning – Latent learning

Memory – Childhood amnesia

Attention – Late filtering theory

Perception – The Gestalt approach

Finally, you must produce a transcript for your narrated PowerPoint. This is a verbatim

(word-for-word) account of everything that you said in your narration. The transcript should

be included at the bottom of your biological psychology essay (from Part 1) under its own

heading (such as “Cognitive psychology transcript”).

Additional guidance:

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  • A narrated PowerPoint consists of a normal PowerPoint presentation (slides, text and

images etc.) with the addition of voice recordings (i.e. narration). Guidance on how to

add voice recordings is available in the “How to record and embed your narration”

guide, which can be found in the My Assessment tab on iLearn.

  • The narration should summarise and add to the content on the slides, rather than

simply reading out the text on the slides.

  • Your narrated PowerPoint must address all four of the given significant contributions.
  • As with the essay, you can find research papers to support your arguments by

looking through the lessons, but extra marks will be awarded for papers found

through wider reading. Here is a video that will guide you through the process of

finding your own research papers:

  • The 2000 word limit for the transcript is an upper limit and not something that you

need to aim for. Instead, it is recommended that you aim to use all or most of your 15

minute narration limit. There is no limit on the number of slides that you can use or

the number of words that you can have in your presentation.

  • To reach the higher grades, it is recommended that you use images and flow

diagrams alongside concise bullet points of text.

  • While not required, you will also be rewarded with extra marks for showing evidence

of critical thinking and for considering real world implications.

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