Nephropathy Caused by Congenital Heart Disease Research Paper

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Wk 4 Individual Assignment: Research Ethics and Validity [Due Day#]

Assignment Content

  • Using the University Library, locate one peer-reviewed research study with possible ethical concerns. You may use a research study you identified in the Week 2 Annotated Bibliography assignment if appropriate but not the same article used in the Week 3 Learning Team assignment.
  • Review ethical principles learned this week. When you select your article, consider the possible ethical issues in the research process: sampling, methodology, data collection, etc. The focus should be on the research study, not the health issue.
  • Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you:

    • Summarize the research study.
    • Identify possible ethical issues within the research study.
    • Explain how the ethical concerns can influence the research outcomes.
    • Define validity as it relates to the research study.
    • Hint: Review previous learning activities for key validity concepts, including internal and external validity and associated threats to validity.
    • Discuss the importance of research design validity and how research bias can impact validity.
    • Hint: Research how design validity and instrumentation validity are different concepts.
    • Discuss how stakeholders can externally influence health care research.
    • Include possible ethical concerns.
  • Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly references.
  • Format your assignment and references according to APA guidelines.
  • Submit your assignment.
  • Resources

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