neuroanatomical changes

Neurobiological of major depressive disorder

do you have a 26 year old patient with MDD, you will initiate the patient on sertraline 25 mg PO daily.

1- What are the parameters or considerations for diagnosing MDD?

2- Describe the neurobiological of major depressive disorder (MDD). Include genetics,
neurotransmitters, neuroanatomical changes, current  theories of the cause of the disease, and cultural factors if it’s involved.)

3- There is any medical condition that can mimic MDD?

4- What laboratories do you need to monitor?

5-  what is the first line of treatment for (MDD). what is the neurochemistry action of sertraline, (SSRI),  side effects to monitor, expected benefits for the patient, and contraindications?

6- Describe the benefit of behavior therapy in the treatment of a major depressive disorder.

Use APA and Include references from at least 3 sources  including the article
from a journal, no older than 5 years.

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