Organization Teamwork and Communication

Business Principles assignments

This module will be constructed in 4 steps:

This module is comprised of a discussion topic, assignment, practice quiz and quizzes.

Begin the module by reading the chapters assigned and viewing the power points. Once you feel confident about what you have viewed and before the due dates complete the following.

1. Discussion Topic – Your posts in the discussion area should exhibit careful thought and logical reasoning and provide evidence for your position. Each post should be at least two well-developed paragraphs (approximately 200 words or more).

Replying to a fellow student’s post is required. You must respond to at least one other person’s post. Your replies should offer new substantiated ideas or thoughtful questions. Your response should be a minimum of 1 paragraph. A paragraph is a minimum of 5 sentences or approximately 100 words.

I encourage friendly debates and disagreements, so do not be afraid to speak your mind. Always be mindful that your opinion is one of many and I ask that you be respectful and courteous of others.

Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

2. Assignment – Simulation assignment in Connect.

3. Practice Quiz (optional and not graded, but a good idea to complete) You have multiple attempts to retake them for practice. They contain questions that will actually be on the module quiz.

4. Quizzes – The quizzes are comprised of multiple choice questions and cover the chapters read in this module. You only have one attempt for the module quiz. Do not open the quizzes until you are ready to take it. You cannot open it to look at it then go back and take it.

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