Performance Improvement Committee Roster Paper

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Example Hospital is in the process of developing a Performance Improvement Program. Jane Doe, the nursing director, and yourself have been appointed by hospital administration as project managers for this undertaking. Your first deliverable is to construct the Performance Improvement Committee. This committee will be a multi-disciplinary committee that provides oversight and governance to all performance improvement activities and initiatives throughout the organization. Using the attached Committee roster, construct the PI committee by identifying the individuals that you will appoint as members of the committee. You will name the committee member and their title, indicate their role title on the committee, as well as their role responsibilities.

Included with your completed table draft a 1-3 paragraph response that discusses your reasoning for the selection of your committee members and how your committee will function to support the Performance Improvement Program. This will include discussion of items such as how often the committee will meet, and what, in general will take place at committee meetings, etc

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