Privacy a Function of Digital Selves

 Privacy a Function of Digital Selves

Learning objectives:

The purpose of this writing assignment is to synthesize and apply information in a compact, precise form.


S1) This assignment is due online, see listed due date in weekly content.

S2) This assignment should be 2 single-spaces pages. Our focus is structure and precision. With a longer assignment we can expand conditions. But this is not our purpose for these analytical summaries.


1) To what extent does our privacy change as a function of our digital selvesExplain your answer by using concepts from Tavini.

Your conditions:

A1) Have you captured the proper concepts from each author?

A2) Have you used relevant original examples to illustrate either your exposition OR your counter argument?

A3) Have you prepared the reader to understand both parts of your discussion on the assumption that the reader has not mastered technical concepts?

A4) Have you created a thorough argument that unifies all of your smaller claims?

Have you presented a cohesive total discussion?

A5) Does each paragraph have a descriptive function in your overall argument? And, is this function evident from the structure that you have set up?

A6) Is your summary sufficiently different from other summaries? As expected, all of the summaries will converge on certain intrinsic properties. But remember, we are concerned with process. I want to see how you get there.

A7) Always cite your work.

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