professional quality

professional quality

Present the findings from your practicum experience in a 10-15-minute presentation for a group of nurses.  Imagine that you presenting this to your coworkers or at a nursing conference.  Make it interesting and visually appealing.

  1. Create a seven- to ten-slide, professional quality presentation with approximately six bullet points per slide.  Slides should contain relevant pictures, tables, and charts when indicated.  In your presentation, address the following information:
    1. Title page
    2. Introduction to the at-risk group. Include descriptive and demographic data.
    3. Description of the community (city or county).
    4. Summary of the needs assessment (step 1).
    5. Summary of the health disparity and recommendation (step 2)
    6. Summary of the community strengths, assets, and programs available for this group (step 3).
    7. Description of the agency and summary of the interview (step 3).
    8. How your plan supports social justice advocacy to improve the health of at-risk populations (new information).
    9. References
  2. Narrate your presentation.  Once you have created your slides, write a script to narrate the presentation in the notes section of your presentation. Your narration text should support and explain the information on the slides. You are also welcome to use a voice over narration.

Keep these quality considerations in mind as you create your presentation::

  • It should be organized and aesthetically pleasing (attractive design, layout, and neatness)
  • Elements on the slide should be aligned and balanced
  • Background, color choices, and font should enhance readability
  • Images support and enhance the topic

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