Project Management

Project Management

INSTRUCTION: You are required to read the assigned scenario and create a detailed report (plan) of your findings.


According to the PMBOK 5th edition, they define a project as a “temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”. It also takes into account the project scope which focuses only the work that must be done to successfully complete the project on time and within budget. In order to achieve this, a Scope Management Plan must be developed.

The purpose of the Scope Management Plan is to ensure that the project is composed of all the work required, and only the work required, to successfully complete the project. It is the blueprint for how the project scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled and verified.

The Scope Management Plan documents the scope management approach and roles and responsibilities pertaining to project scope. It further defines those who will be responsible for managing project scope and serves as a guide for actually managing and controlling the project scope. Project Scope Management consists of the processes detailed below.

• Plan Scope Management
• Collection Requirements
• Scope Definition
• Work Breakdown Structure
• Scope Verification / Validation
• Scope Control


As such you are required to create a Scope Management Plan for a Project of your choice. This project may be one that your business/ organization will embark on, or it may be an external project of interest. Provide details on how the project scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled and verified. This must also include the Inputs, Outputs & Tools and Techniques to complete the project.

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