Race And Ethnicity

Race And Ethnicity

Part 1 focuses on history and Part 2 focuses on current events.
Both Parts 1 and Part 2 are required. 
 Both Parts 1 and 2 together  should be equivalent to a double-spaced,  3 page paper.  Your paper may be longer if you choose, but it must be a minimum of 3 pages.
 Part I:   A Major Historical Racial Event
Requirements for Black Wall Street:
You are required to research this topic, using at least three (3) sources. 
     * Your paper must be written in essay format but you must incorporate the answer to these    
        questions into a well written, well organized short paper.  A severe penalty results if it is written in
   Q – A format

     * At the end of your paper, you must provide a Reference page for your sources, using  America Sociological Association (ASA) style.  (For information on this style, go to American Sociological Association and scroll to Format or Style.)

1.  What area of the country was referred to as Black Wall street during the late 1920s and why?

2.  What devastating event took place at the location of Black Wall Street with the consent and participation of the U.S. government?

3.   Discuss this atrocity (the event) in relation to the structure-function framework of the family?  Then discuss the event using your choice of family theory. Please understand that you will be applying two theories:  First, you will apply the structure-function theory and then you will select another theory to apply.

4.   What immediate and long-term impact did this event have on families?  On the community?  On the linkage between the family and the larger community?  On race relations in this country?

5.   Assume that children from both sides were aware of what took place, how would you apply the social learning theory?
7.   What is your reaction to this event?

Part II   Contemporary Racial Events

  1. Much has been said in the media contrasting the Insurrection on the Capitol with the Black Lives Matter Protests near the White House.  How do you compare the two events and how would you explain the comparison to a 6 year old child? Include in your explanation what is meant by the phrase, Black Lives Matter and why such a phrase came about.
  2. It has been documented (by legal analyst sociologists, psychologists, etc.) that the criminal justice system treats people of color, particularly Black males, more harshly than White males for the same or similar crimes. What roles do Systemic (Institutional) racism and White privilege play in this disparity?3.  One of the major initiatives proposed by President Biden is racial equally. Assuming you were an advisor to the President, what would be your recommendations to help bring this initiative to fruition? Be specific and discuss actions that are plausible.


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