Reporting Environmental Stories and Popular Culture Essay

Reporting Environmental Stories and Popular Culture Essay

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  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5


  • Assignment 4.1: Marcellus Shale. Chapter 4 Assignment:Due on Tuesday, July 28.

Rationale: This assignment is designed to enhance your understanding of the key concepts in Chapter 4. Watch the Powerpoint. Read the chapter. Then do this task:

    1. Don’t look anything up! Respond to the question: What is your position about fracking?
    2. Without looking up this process, tell me what you know about fracking.
    3. Read chapter 4. Review the Powerpoint slides before you watch:

Water on Fire – Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 1 – Fracking located at

    • This community is less than 2 hours from our campus. The Marcellus Shale sprawls across four states, all of which will experience a similar impact as those in Lucerne County from the hydrofracking process.
    • As a result of observing the YouTube, conduct an life cycle assessment of the fracking industry.
    • Did your position change on fracking as a result of watching the documentary? Describe.
    • Were there any images that you would identify as visual rhetoric?
    • Did you witness anything during the reality tour? Explain
    • Was there any use of infographics or interactive maps to enhance technical information? Should there have been and where?
  • Assignment 5.1: Using the Discussion Questions on page 117, please respond to questions 1 and 2. I will give extra credit for reactions to question 4 on interactives!

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