Roles And Responsibilities In Leadership And Management

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Strategic planning in healthcare organizations involves having an outlined plan of action to reach specific goals that have been set in place by the organizations. There are different levels and strategy types. The purpose of the strategies is bringing an organization’s actions together with the stated mission of the organization. And they should both align (). Planning for the future is vital for healthcare organizations. Strategic planning for the future creates a direction for your practice and maximizes your options for influencing your environment (). Future planning also provides a framework for making day-to-day choices in alignment with its objectives.

Tools that can be used for future planning are a SWOT analysis (Grand Canyon University, 2021). SWOT analysis is an effective planning tool that can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to a project, institution, or an organization (Grand Canyon University, 2021). This tool can prove useful in decision making, planning, and understand the direction of an organization because the organizational strengths and weaknesses can be graphed against opportunities and threats.


Discuss the purpose of strategic planning in a health care environment. Explain what factors affect future planning in an organization and what tools can be used for future planning.

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years.

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