Social Inequality In My Community Video

Imagine that you have recently been hired to work at your local health clinic. Part of your role is to act as a social justice liaison and identify potential areas of improvement in your community.

From a social justice perspective, create a 5-minute video illustrating one example of social inequality in your local community. Address the areas below in a video medium of your choosing (narrated slide presentation, direct video, animation, etc.).

  • What the social inequality of focus is.
  • The reason why you focused on this social inequality.
    • Incidence and prevalence information, if known.
    • Impact on the person and community.
    • Social influences on the social inequality.
    • Biological influences on the social inequality.
  • What public health programs, if any, currently exist for this issue in your area.
  • Possible social justice avenues for prevention and intervention locally.

Canvas video tool

Please review the Canvas Video Submission Instructions (Links to an external site.) in order to get started. This guide will familiarize you with the Canvas video tool and review how to record your video to the classroom.

As an alternative, you may use an external platform such as Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.) or PowerPoint. Please review the Screencast-O-Matic Quick-Start Guide (Links to an external site.) instructions if you prefer this option. This guide will familiarize you with the tool and highlight how to upload your video to the classroom. If you choose to use another video recording tool for your submission, please follow the guide instructions to upload an MP4 video file into your classroom using the same steps.

Important note: Please make certain you upload a video to the classroom board. A submission of a link to a video does not fulfill the submission requirements as your classmates may not be able to successfully access your video for a response. For advice and information on the dos and don’ts of webcam presentations, please review the Web Recording Do’s and Don’ts (Links to an external site.) resource.

Videos will be judged based on creativity, as well as on your ability to educate and inform viewers about the disparity identified.

  • Create your video in the classroom video tool.
  • In the Discussion Forum, upload your video to the classroom.

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