Social Media Post

Social Media Post and Reflection Activity

Consider these questions as you begin this week’s assignment:

  • Can you find an example of an effective social media post from Facebook® or Twitter®, or from a blog you have read?
  • What makes a social media or blog post effective?
  • What might a social media post crafted to persuade an audience look like?
  • Who is the imagined audience for the social media or blog post you selected?

Complete Parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1: Social Media or Blog Post

Select whether you’ll complete this assignment by writing either a social media post or a blog post.

Write an approximately 280-word social media post or an approximately 400-word blog post in which you:

  • Persuade an audience of your choice to do, think, or feel
  • Consider selling a product, advertising an event, or sharing a thoughtful article with coworkers. You may use or link to credible images, videos, or articles in your social media or blog post to help support your message.
  • Include the who, what, when, why, and how for the topic you identified.


Provide your social media or blog post below by:

  • Uploading a screenshot or pasting an image into the image box, if applicable (Delete the image box if it is not needed in your response.)
  • Entering the post text into the text box


Note: Depending on how you’re viewing a social media or blog post online, the image may appear next to the text in some formats, while it may be stacked above or below the text in other formats.

Enter your post text here.


Optional: Publicly post your social media or blog post. Tell your classmates about your audience’s response or this experience as part of the Wk 3 Discussion – Effects of Social Media.

Part 2: Post Reflection

Once you’ve completed your social media post or blog post, provide a 2- to 5-sentence response to the following questions:

  1. Who is your target audience? Why did you select that audience?
    Enter your response.
  2. Who might see your social media or blog post outside your target audience?
    Enter your response.
  3. What do you hope your audience will do, think, or feel after reading your social media or blog post?
    Enter your response.
  4. Did you include any media or links in your social media or blog post? Why or why not?
    Enter your response.
  5. What did you learn from the University Library resources you reviewed for this assignment? How did those ideas help you create your social media or blog post?
    Enter your response.
  6. What steps did you take to edit your social media or blog post for correct grammar, mechanics, and clarity? Did you draft it in Microsoft® Word and spell check it? Did you use a grammar checker in the Center for Writing Excellence?
    Enter your response.

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