Structure and Economics

Structure and Economics of Community Health Services

Case Study

Chapter 6

Structure and Economics of Community Health Services Many factors and events have influenced the current structure, function, and financing of community health services. Understanding this background gives the community health nurse a stronger base for planning for the health of the population. A group of student nurses have been requested to present a 1 hour in service to the local health department on the structure and economics of community health services as part of the community health nursing course requirements. The presentation has to include information about a variety of topics.

1. What are the key historical events and philosophical developments that have led to today’s health services delivery systems?

2. What are the differences between the functions of public versus private sector health care agencies?

3. What are the three core functions of public health as they apply to health service delivery?

4. There are several trends and issues that have influenced community health care financing and delivery that are important in understanding health care economics and helping to improve community health. What are some of these trends and issues?

5. In what important ways has the changing nature of health care financing adversely affected community health nursing and its practice?

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