the American literature “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker

Develop your own argument, or choose from my suggested topics, about a single topic in one of the American literature “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, my thesis for this is: “The  difficulties presented are African Americans’ failure to reconcile their  past with current civil rights, as well as feminism, women’s  empowerment, women’s retention of the culture they discovered, value  creation, and a futuristic element of women.”

Requirements for this assignment are that you must use at least one piece of direct textual evidence per body paragraph. That piece of evidence, in support of your argumentative claim, must be correctly cited and subsequently paraphrased.

Topic: Begin brainstorming topics by simply engaging with the text, skimming sections, and looking for patterns. For topics, a simple character analysis, for example, is just too broad.

trust your ability to write a  sustained, thoughtful argumentative on any of the works in the two identified sections.   I want to be active and engaged in the process of creating and finishing your response project for “Survey  of American Literature II.” This should represent your very best critical thinking,  argumentation, and writing.  Be sure to use the MLA resources folder for assistance with  in-text citation and your works cited page.


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