Theoretical Foundations Of Qualitative And Quantitative Methods

Topic 5 DQ 1

In comparison to quantitative research, qualitative research takes a different approach to issue resolution. The most significant distinction is in how an issue is handled. The technique is largely exploratory in character in the qualitative world. The researcher goes further into the subject until he or she reaches a core of knowledge that can be applied to issue resolution. Quantitative methods can take vast amounts of data, sometimes from millions of people. And quantify it into trends that can improve medical practices over the norm (Crick J. 2021) . Qualitative research often relies on in-depth interviews with small groups of individuals. Whereas quantitative methods can take vast amounts of data. Sometimes from millions of people. And quantify it into trends that can improve medical practices over the norm.

The goal of qualitative research is to get a better understanding of underlying causes and motives, as well as to give insights into the context of an issue, provide ideas and/or hypotheses for future quantitative research, and discover popular thinking and opinion patterns. Evaluating and confirming already created ideas about how and why events occur, as well as testing hypotheses that are constructed before evidence is gathered, are all advantages.

large random samples

It’s used to generalize study findings when the data is based on sufficiently large random samples, and to generalize a research conclusion when it’s been repeated on a variety of populations and subpopulations. It’s beneficial for gathering data that can be used to make quantitative forecasts.(Mohajan H, 2021).

Data may be collected quickly utilizing quantitative approaches (e.g., telephone interviews). It gives accurate, quantitative, numerical data, and the study findings are largely self-contained. Statistical software saves time when it comes to data analysis. One drawback is that the categories employed in the study may not reflect the understandings of local constituents.

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references to support the discussion.

The theoretical foundations of qualitative and quantitative methods are very different, but many researchers believe both methods should be used in the research study to increase validity and reliability. What advantages or disadvantages do you see in using both types of methods in a nursing study? Support your answer with current evidence-based literature.

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