Transdisciplinary Practice in Healthcare and Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform [Discussion]

As a healthcare professional, you will need to understand what healthcare reform refers to, and how it will impact you personally and professionally. Having now completed watching the videos and reading assignment provided, please answer the following:

1. What is a transdisciplinary practice in healthcare?

2. Why is not only addressing, but annihilating food deserts necessary healthcare reform success?

3. What if any global impact do you envision this having?

4. Explain the rationale behind your answer.

5. What other salient issues do you feel were addressed within the material covered this week?

Support your answers with the use of peer reviewed scholarly sources from MedLine, Ebsco, ProQuest, and/or Google Scholar. You must provide at least three additional sources to the video.

Please post a 300 to 500 word discussion essay adhering to APA 6th Edition formatting guidelines. It is not necessary to provide a cover page or an Abstract for discussion posts.

You must respond to the initial posts of two or more of your fellow classmates with three or more complete sentences in order to be eligible to earn full points for a discussion.

I will be using this rubric for all discussions throughout the semester.

APA Discussion Rubric

Score _____/100

____ (5) Properly formatted APA parenthetical in-text citations

____ (5) Properly formatted references per APA

____ (5) Grammar and spelling

____ (35) Address all 5 questions (maximum points per question = 7)

____ (50) For two substantive responses to two or more initial posts of your classmates, addressing each person to whom you respond by name to ensure that dialogue remains open and conversation flows freely

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