Tucson Assistive Living Case Study

Select ONE of the case studies from one of the Part II: Service Providers Chapters in your textbook (Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)(I chose Chapter 6). Prepare responses to each of the questions within the Discussion Questions section applying to your selected case study, as these answers will be wrapped up on question 3 below.

For example, if you were to select the Assistive Living Case Study, you would be reading the case study on Daniella on page 149 in the Chapter and responding to Discussion Questions #1-8 on page150.

Please format your 4 page paper to include:

  • Chapter Case study selected
  • Overview/summary of the case study and key concerns regarding care coordination
  • Number and type each question with the response to follow. Each answer should have a thorough response illustrating your use of the theory/content in the chapter as well as your critical thinking about the various options in addressing the care coordination for the individual.
  • Last paragraph of your paper should include lessons learned from this chapter and analysis of the selected case study.

 Tucson Assistive Living Case Study

Your citations should include your textbook and at least one additional article related to care coordination.

Discussion Questions

The following questions are presented to assist you in understanding the material covered in this chapter. They tend to be general but lend themselves to detailed answers. The answers to these questions can be found in the chapter.

1. What is assisted living, and how does it differ from nursing facility care?

2. Who provides assisted living?

3. What services are usually included in assisted living?

4. How is assisted living financed?

5. What regulations apply to assisted living?

6. What are some of the ethical and legal issues affecting assisted living?

7. What trends are likely to affect assisted living in the future?

8. In reference to the case at the end of this chapter, consider the following:

a. How have Daniella’s needs changed since moving into the assisted living facility?

b. How are those changing needs being met by the assisted living facility?

c. If the assisted living services were not available, what would Daniella’s options likely be?

NOTE: As is so often true, both in case analysis and in real life, there is no single right answer here. The purpose of the question is to get you thinking about the many possible scenarios and their implications.

Points possible: 30

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