United Nations Environmental Program Report


This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:

  • CLR 1 – Explain the concept of environmental citizenship and provide examples demonstrating the roles and responsibilities of people within the global ecosystem.
  • CLR 2 – Relate the history of environmental trends to contemporary society and to future direction.
  • CLR 3 – Explain the relationships between poverty, education, health and environmental sustainability
  • CLR 4 – Identify your day-to-day practices and their impact on the global ecosystem and, in turn, the global ecosystem’s reciprocal impact on you
  • CLR 5 – Explain the concept of ecological footprint and identify ways in which personal environmental impact can be mitigated.

Objective of this Assignment: To research and report on an environmental organization.



Many organizations, whether they be private industry, government or non-governmental organizations, are involved in environmental activities and/or environmental activism. Such public participation is a key component of environmental education and environmental citizenship.

  • In this assignment, you will select an organization (and clearly identify it in the appropriate Discussion Forum). NOTE: There are many, many organizations and, therefore, no more than four students may select the same organization (unless it is a completely different part or department of the larger organization). Choose early and choose wisely.
  • Do some research about your organization and summarize in a paragraph or two each of the following items (you may wish to expand discussion a bit beyond two paragraphs for items 4 and 5 below):
  • Write a written research report. Include the following information:
    • Name of the organization and it’s main purpose. Include the organization’s website address for others to visit.
    • Summary of the organization’s environmental values, ethics, codes of conduct, etc.
    • Description of one of the organization’s latest activities that has an impact on the environment.
    • Discussion about how the activity described has an impact on human health and/or well-being.


  • Personal reflection on your feelings about the organization’s care and/or concern about the environment as a whole and about human health and well-being. Please note that it isn’t good enough to simply visit the organization’s website and report on how good they are from their perspective. Your perspective should consider dissenting opinions, if possible.
  • Use headings throughout your report in order to help identify your key concepts.
  • References should be properly cited.
  • Once you have completed your report, you should contrive at least two thought-provoking questions on which your course colleagues can ponder and generate some discussion. This is because you will be posting your report in a public discussion forum within the course and you will be leading the discussion related to your posting.
  • You will post your report in the course discussion forum created for this purpose on the due date provided on the course calendar. Thereafter, you will lead/facilitate the discussion that ensues related to your report. I will only intervene in the discussions if I think things are going off track or if I can offer some interesting thoughts, observations or resources for further consideration.
    • For help and tips related to research, referencing and report writing please refer to Algonquin College Learning Resource Centre’s.

See rubric in Brightspace


Rubric (40 points >25%)


  Excellent Very good Good Beginning


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