United States Drug Policies Essay

Social Problems

Reminder– Each essay response must be a minimum of a page in length-likely more will be needed for an adequate response.A page will include the following:top to the bottom, 12 font, double spaced.It is important also to remember that your response should be written in your own words, do not copy directly out of the text or any internet links.

For this assignment you are responding to a total of three of the following essay questions.In the homework link, you will submit at least three pages.

Answer the following Questions:

  • Which perspective-symbolic interactionism, functionalism, or conflict theory-do you think best explains drug policies in the United States? Why?
  • Read page 90-91 (Vaping: Cool, Fun – and Dangerous)of your text.Give a detailed response.
  • Read page 72 – (Taking Back Children from the night) respond to the “for your consideration.”

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