Use of Satellite Communication Discussion

Week 9 Discussion

Some businesses have no alternative but to use satellite communication solutions.

  • Give some examples of when you think this would be appropriate and what considerations you need to take into account when choosing a satellite option.
  • How would this affect your need for ATM or your large business WAN operations?
  • You’ll need to know how to deploy your teams and resources to support these networks. Talk about your first thoughts on how you might do this based on what you’ve learned in class so far.
  • After posting your response, respond to at least one of your classmates on their suggestions.

Here is the post that you have to respond

Hello Class & Professor,

I am going to be a little out of the box. Airplanes, if an EMP happens and multiple airports are taken out. It would be a critical communication solution. Currently, plans are tracked over radars, but their tracking over water is not very good; hence the problems are trying to find planes when they go down near the ocean. That can be used for data transfers as well. However, we need to worry about the data going back and forth and the encryption. Could it be as a drone with a transponder that could take out the incoming frequency and allow the airplane to then connect to the rouge satellite signal? MITM // IMSI catchers.

When thinking of satellite, we think of a dish on top of a business or news agency. We have never seen one on top of Starbucks; that would be great. People in Arizona have thunderstorms all the time in the summertime, they call It the monsoon; Example ( They have problems with when the clouds are very thick with moisture and or there is a lot of static electricity and or sand from dust storms; they lose a lot of satellite reception. The signals cannot go through all the interference well. Wonder what other companies around the world do. For instance, in Arizona, Dish Network would not have service until the storm passes. People with cable, who have the fiberoptic in the ground, would have no problems at all.


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