Using SPSS for Regression and Correlation Worksheet

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  1. Your assignment is to use regression to predict credit card spending by replicating the information contained in Using SPSS For Regression file.
  2. Copy the SPSS results into WORD and answer the questions in sections I and II in one or two sentences.
  3. Please label your analyses beginning with Numeral I
    1. Simple Regression
      • Age
      • Dollar amount person is expected to charge
    2. Multiple Regression
      • Age, Income, Home Value
      • Dollar amount person is expected to charge
  4. All of the SPSS output shown is based on a sample of 1000 customer records and variables drawn from the Bank Credit Card Dataset file of customer information. The variables used are:
    • Charge: Amount person is expected to charge
    • Home eval: Value of a person’s home in thousands of dollars
    • Income: Person’s annual income in thousands of dollars
    • Age: (in years)


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