Wellness Technology Company Risk Management Presentation

Recently, you had a conversation with your boss and discussed the recent highly publicized breach that occurred at the number one competitor of Wellness Technology, Inc. She understands risk assessment, and her department does some of it but by a per-project basis. For this project, she would like you to make a recommendation as to what risk control practice strategy should be adopted by the company as a part of the general information governance program. You will then present to the majority stakeholders of the company.

You will create a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides covering the following:

  • Describe why risk management is needed so that nonsecurity/technical personnel can understand it.
  • Describe the details of risk identification and how it differs from threat identification.
  • Describe what a TVA worksheet entrails and why it, along with other documentation, is needed.
  • Describe risk assessment and why it is needed.
  • Describe how annual and single loss expectancy are calculated using examples.
  • Describe your recommended risk control strategy for the company.

Submission Details:

  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint with a professional theme.
  • Presentation should include at least 10 slides.
  • Each slide should contain audio narration.

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