Windshield Survey

Windshield Survey

Part I:  For this assignment, students will take about an hour to explore a particular district/ or community.  Drive around and really look around the community to assess what resources are available. From your observations, complete the following form. If you were unable to visually locate answers, please research and find where these nearest resources are

Section I: Windshield Survey

What is the name of the community/city/county?  



What are the boundaries of this city or where is this community located? Is it obvious where the community starts and ends? And you know that how?  
















What kinds of services for families are available? Could a family find everything they need on a day to day basis within this neighborhood/community? (such as food, gas, healthcare, etc.)  If not, how far would they have to travel to find such services?  



















Is the city/community safe to children to play and walk to school? Describe.  












Are there any organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, or Head Start centers that provide activities for children? Describe.  

















What kinds of jobs would people have in this community? Any special industry or big employers present? Describe.































Do the schools appear inviting to students?  Are the buildings in good condition or are they run down? Are the playgrounds current or old? Describe.  











Is there lots of real estate for sale?  Are they mostly houses or is there evidence of closed down businesses?  













What type of stores/businesses are available (shopping centers, neighborhood stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies?) Are they in one area or spread out within the community? Can people walk there? Describe.  















Any ethnic stores/markets? If not local, how far would residents have to travel?  








Are there churches present? Do those buildings appear to be well maintained or are they run down?  What is the predominate type of church building seen? Describe.  












Are there doctor offices/dental offices within the community/neighborhood? Any alternative medicine services available? Any hospitals? Is medical care available within the community or do the residents have to travel?  If they travel, how far away do they have to go for care?  












Are there social agencies (welfare, WIC, social services) available? If not found local where are these nearest agencies found?  







Any senior centers or child care centers available? Does it appear that the centers are utilized? Describe.  











Are there community organizations present (Elks, Masons, etc.)? If not seen locally, how far away are these types of organizations for residents?  






Are there any restaurants or fast food in the community/neighborhood? Describe.  













Are there political signs present? What are most of the political signs about? Does the community appear to be Republican or Democrat? Describe.  








What is the age of the houses? Are they all new or old or a mix of both? Are they made of bricks or painted? Are they mostly single story or multistory homes? Describe.  













Are there single-family homes, mobile homes, apartments or duplexes? Describe.  












Do the houses appear to be well maintained or are they run down? Are the yards maintained? Is there junk on the porches/yard? Describe.  











Are there sidewalks and stoplights in the community/neighborhood? Describe.









Is there any open public spaces? Recreations centers? Green spaces? Public gardens or parks?  Do the parks seem to be in good repair or are they run down? Are there lots of trees?  








Are there any baseball fields, soccer fields?

(The schools may have these)








Is the community/neighborhood clean or is there litter?  Any abandoned cars or junk visible to the public? Describe.











What is the overall air quality appear to be? Any smog, stink? Does the water in lakes or ponds appear reasonably clear? Describe.  







How to people get around in the neighborhood? Do the cars appear well maintained or are they old? Are there buses, sidewalks, any bicyclists? Is there a train? Are there bicycle lanes or bicycle racks in many places?  









Are the roads in good repair or are they in poor condition? Describe.  







How is the traffic?  Is it mostly commercial traffic or local traffic? Describe.  








Do you see any law enforcement officers? Is their presence felt in the community? Describe.  





Are there major highways/roads through the neighborhood/community?  




Can you find a fire station? Notice any fire hydrants around the town/neighborhood? If not seen, where is the nearest fire station?





Any ambulance garages present? (The local hospitals or fire stations may have this if not seen separately)




Any evidence of a neighborhood watch program? Are homes gated off? Do you see security system signs posted in yards/businesses? Describe.  





What is the ethnicity of the neighborhood/community? Describe.  





Where do young people go to gather/hang out in the neighborhood/community? Where do the elderly go? Describe.  








Are there nursing homes/rehab centers present? If not found locally how far away are these resources?  










Any evidence of homelessness? Is there a homeless shelter? Describe.  





Notice any stray animals? Describe.







Miscellaneous observations (here is where you describe the situation that led you to choose the community project you will be doing, if the observations do not fall into one of the above categories.  










Section II: Data/Observation Analysis:

What is your overall impression of the community?

What are the neighborhood/community’s weaknesses or challenges or problems?

What is the most pressing problem you identified, in your opinion? Propose a solution to this problem that is realistic and relevant. Discuss who would address this and how.

What is the most striking thing about this community?

What was most unexpected?



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