54-year-old man with S/S: shortness of breath, chest pain and fever

MSN 572 Week 8 Diagnostics Assignment

Scenario: Cardiovascular: body system
54-year-old man with S/S: shortness of breath, chest pain and fever.

You can use CHF or Heart failure for shortness of breath
Ischemic heart disease or myocarditis for chest pain
Endocarditis for fever

Diagnostics Assignment (lab and radiology)

Each group will be assigned a body system and the signs/symptoms presenting with that system. From this, each group member of the group will formulate at least one different, primary care differential diagnosis with lab and radiology (as applies) workup and plan for that differential. For the lab and radiology that you include, you will need to provide interpretation, to include what the high/low values are as well as common indications that occur with highs/lows. Your differential and diagnostic workup and treatment must be supported by peer-reviewed, recent references and resources pointing to best practices. There must be a minimum of three references per differential. All of this should be laid out in APA style and presented in a format of your choosing.

Each member will outline or narrate their work-up for their differential. The workup should include the appropriate lab work or other diagnostics with rationale and interpretation, and a treatment plan (including any medications, education, follow-up plan) with supporting references. The group must submit all workups in one document. If a student drops from the course midterm, the remaining group members must still present a minimum of three differentials for the case.

Note: Please see the rubric in the course for weighting of each section. Rubric is on top of the
sample that I attached.


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