addressing behavior change in a specific population

Behavior Change Report

Essay addressing behavior change in a specific population

Learning Outcomes

  1. critically analyze and deconstruct behavior change theory and its application within mental health contexts
  2. evaluate and critique, biological, psychological, social, neurophysiological and systematic factors that impact on behavior and behavior change in mental health contexts
  3. formulate effective individual and systemic responses to facilitate behavior change founded on theory, empirical research and recovery principles
  4. apply motivational interviewing knowledge and strategies to facilitate constructed constructive consumer behavior change


Select a behavior that is relevant to a specific population of mental health service users / consumers and propose an evidenced based approach to successful behavior change. Consider and include in your discussion:-

  1. The rationale for focusing the behavior change intervention with the specific population;
  2. A critical review of theoretical perspectives that have been applied to supporting behavior change in the population;
  3. A discussion of potential barriers to behavior change at the neurophysiological, individual, interpersonal, organizational levels and how these barriers could be overcome.


  • Word limit/length; 2000 words
  • Specific details of the proposed intervention are not required within this assignment. The focus should be on the justification, the theoretical approach to addressing the behavior and a sophisticated understanding of obstacles to behavior change.


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