An annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography

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There are a several reasons for creating an annotated bibliography. Frequently, they are used to provide a quick overview of content that is relevant and useful to a topic but was not used as a referenced source in a paper. Sometimes an annotated bibliography stands alone as a document that provides a quick overview of a body of literature. Writing an annotation is good practice in the skill of summarizing the content and relevance of an article.


• Review the resources on how to select a credible source and how to write an annotated bibliography. These resources can be found in the Instructional Materials folder for Module 3.
• There must be a minimum of five (5) documents/sources/references used in the bibliography. The documents must be beyond those required in or used in previous assignments.
• Scholarly and credible JOURNAL articles must be used. Website references CANNOT be included. It’s best to retrieve the articles from the library database and select the “peer-reviewed” tab.
• Chosen articles are to deepen an understanding of the health issue and/or the country selected for the final paper. The content of the chosen articles must be clearly relevant to the content of the final paper.
• Complete the annotation for each of the five (5) sources.

o Each annotated article is to be on a separate page
o Reference information will be included at the top of the page. Each source must be listed in correct APA Manual 7th edition format. If the references appear at the top of each page as is required for this assignment there is NO need for a separate reference page.
o Each annotation must contain a summary of, an evaluation of, and a reflection upon the content.
• You must include a properly formatted APA Manual 7th edition student title page.

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