Annual review of an IEP

Annual review of an IEP

1. Under IDEA, parents must be participants in the annual review of an IEP. Schools are required to contact the parents about this meeting three times using different modes of communication (e.g. text, letter sent home, and a phone call). In Hawaii, a school followed this protocol, but after the third attempt and the parent not showing up, a decision was made to go ahead with the meeting without the parent. Analyze the court case Doug C. v. Hawaii (9th Cir. 2013) and assess whether the court was justified in its decision.

2. In many school administration training programs, participants feel they are not adequately trained for planning and running IEP meetings, understanding parent/child relationships of children with exceptionalities, and meeting the needs of and finding ways to nurture and support the SPED staff’s personal and professional growth. Investigate ways that a school administrator can overcome this deficit and provide support and supervision to the staff and students


Answer both questions with 200 words each with reference

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