APA (2013) DSM-5 categories of mental disorders

APA (2013) DSM-5 categories of mental disorders

The purpose of this performance task is to identify and read a nonfiction book related to a specific mental health disorder so that you can gain insight into the experience of the mental disorder from the perspective of the individual and/or his or family.

This book may not be a textbook, reference book, or self help book. Additionally, the book may not book that you have read or will read for any other MSU-M course. The first document provides a list of suggested books that are related to specific APA (2013) DSM-5 categories of mental disorders.

The second document is the scoring rubric for this performance task. Carefully Be sure to provide a citation every time refer to the content of the book. Provide quotation marks, the author(s), year, and page or paragraph number(s) for direct quotes of three or more consecutive words and the authors(s), and year for all other citations. Be sure to provide the reference for the book. Failure to properly cite the work of others and provide the references is plagiarism.

An act of plagiarism will result in a 0 on this performance task and a one letter grade deduction from you final course grade. review the scoring rubric prior to reading the book you plan to review and again prior to writing your book review.

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