Imagine the following realistic response by a military family member frustrated by her inability to obtain the medical services her child needs:

“What do you mean you do not accept Tricare? My husband is deployed. The base clinic is closed and I have to get medicine for my child. She has an infection and high fever. These are military people standing on the front line for you and you won’t accept my insurance?”

Reflect back to earlier in the course when you read about the demographics of military personnel. Many military personnel are young, often with young families. With the exception of high-ranking officials, enlisted personnel do not typically expect to make high salaries in their military careers. There are perks, such as health care benefits, tuition assistance, and services, but there may be gaps in services. There may be occasions in which a family needs more than what they can obtain on a military installation.

Within the military culture, many military personnel and their families experience barriers when seeking additional services. Draw upon the knowledge that you have gained throughout this course. Consider what you know about the culture, attitudes, benefits, and provisions provided for military personnel and their families. Consider what barriers might exist for military personnel and their families to seek additional services outside the military installation.

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