Budget Calculations healthcare organisation

The CFO for your healthcare organization comes to you once again to ask for your assistance with budgeting. You are tasked with developing a budget for the open imaging center that is looking to forecast its next fiscal year to present to the board of directors.

For this assignment, in a 1-2 text page Word or Excel document, develop a department budget for the open imaging center. You are able to use any figures that you would like and you may be as creative as you like, however, be sure that the calculations are accurate. At minimum, your budget must include the following points:

  • Number of procedures completed in a year.
  • A fixed cost for each procedure.
  • A variable cost for each procedure.
  • A fixed expense that the center would include in the expense budget.
  • The total annual expenses for the center which results from the above listed items.
  • Next develop an income budget for the open imaging center.
  • Finally, calculate an annual operating budget for the center which includes both expenses and income from above.

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