Causes and Epidemiology of Influenza Viral Infection

Paper is 3 pages (not including cover page or references), double space, MLA or APA format. Margins should be no more than 1”, and font should not be any larger than 11.


Cover Page – required information: Not included as part of the 3 pages

  • Title
  • Student name
  • Course name
  • Course section
  • Instructor name
  • Date (deadline)

Your paper should include the following:

Description of the pathogenic microorganism

  1. morphological characteristics
  2. type of metabolism
  3. environmental conditions required for growth
  4. genetics/pathogenic mechanism(s)


Description of the disease(s) caused by this pathogen

  1. brief history
  2. clinical symptoms/virulence/progression of the disease state
  3. diagnostic procedures (Be sure to include how the pathogen is identified in the clinical laboratory.)


Epidemiology of the disease

  1. individuals at risk
  2. transmission mechanism(s)
  3. human behaviors involved in its spread


Control of the pathogen and/or disease

  1. methods of disease prevention
  2. clinical treatment of disease process
  3. infection control of the microorganism (preventing the spread infection)


At least three references.

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