Cognitive Bias

Cognitive Bias

we explored Novelty, Cognitive Bias, and Situational Awareness and how each of these applies to Hospital Emergency Management. This case study focuses on the pre-hospital response and paints a picture of the chaos that ensued prior to victims arriving at hospitals

Answer the questions posted based on how you would have prepared to receive victims as a hospital manager.
Drawing on and referring to your knowledge from the course (including analytic readings, videos, class sessions and case studies), Using 1000-1200 words that respond to the following questions.
 Describe the Novelty of this event, and how it quickly contributed to overwhelming resources.
Was the response hampered by cognitive bias? Where responders able to communicate real- time situational awareness to local hospitals? (hint, Observation 15)
 Did interagency collaboration and training (EMS/Fire/PD/Hospitals) prior to the event really help in such a response.
 What would you have done differently to prepare for an event such as this. Please support
your arguments.


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